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Daniel Bar – Talking Blockchain and decentralized web technologies

31 August 2018

Today on the podcast I have Daniel Bar with me. He is an entrepreneur  who is particularly interested in disruptive technologies in the FinTech space. He is the co-founder of the blockchain community Bitfwd and a co-founder of Tenzorum, a start-up that aims to use key management protocols to ensure safe personalized access to blockchain technologies


Daniel's background:

  1. Can you talk about the transition from your studies in Materials Engineering and Physics and and working as an Application Engineer for Jordan Valley semiconductors to what you do today which is mainly in the blockchain space? Why the interest in this space and how did this transition come about?

  2. Could you please talk about the two firms you co-founded Bitfwd and Tenzorum? What do they do?


Questions on blockchain:

  1. Everyone is talking about it as the new revolutionizing piece of tech but what exactly is blockchain?

  2. What's the difference between blockchain and the hyper ledger or distributed ledger?

  3. How does crypto feature in all this? What's the relationship between block chain / hyperledger and cryptocurrencies?

  4. Is it as revolutionary as everyone makes it out to be? How much of it is hype vs reality?

  5. What are some of the top applications of it?

  6. Where do you think investment money will go to harness the power of block chain in the future?

  7. What do you want to do in this place in particular?

  8. What is decentralized web and why are you so passionate about it?

  9. If the web is now centralized then who controls it?

  10. In layman's terms what does Tenzourum do?

  11. What is the business model for Tenzourum?

  12. Please talk about Bitfwd. What kind of competitions do you hold?

  13. In terms of countries like Australia, Singapore, New Zealand which country is taking the revolution of block chain more seriously? What are they doing about it?

  14. Can you talk about your journey as an entrepreneur? How easy or difficult has it been for you so far and what are some of the most memorable moments?


Winding up:

  1. How will the future of crypto and block chain in your opinion?

  2. For someone interested in being ahead of his block chain curve, where should they start?

  3. Had you not gone down the road of being focused on Blockchain what else do you think you might have been involved with?

  4. What kind of advice would you have for budding entrepreneurs in today's tech world?

  5. Also, what kind of suggestion might you have for investors? Where should they park some of their money?

  6. Where can people learn more about you?

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Daniel Bar – Talking Blockchain and decentralized web technologies
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