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Anik Dey (Talking about Empathetic Artificial Intelligence and Emos.AI)

11 October 2018

Today on the podcast we have Anik Dey who is the Head of Product at which is an AI startup backed by Hong Kong Science Park and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and aims to accurately detect human emotions by analyzing verbal and non-verbal cues in a video. We want to ask Anik a few questions about AI / Machine Learning and we'll talk about what EMOS is doing in this space. So, first of all, let me welcome Anik to the Pinpoint Asia podcast.


Before we get into specific questions about AI and Emos, can we talk about your background a little bit.



  1. Could you talk a bit about your background. When did you come to HK and what brought you to HK?

  2. As a Research Assistant at HKUST you worked on voice-enabled infotainment systems. Why the interest in that area?

  3. You started iVo directly after graduation without working in a big cooperate. What made you want to do that, and do you have any suggestions for the fresh graduates who want to start their own company?

  4. You were the Chief UX Officer at iVo Technologies where you tried to build a speaker that would play an appropriate tune based on the mood of the listener. Talk to us about that project

  5. How do you make a speaker recognize the mood of a person?

  6. Talk to us about the experience of using Indigo to raise USD 63k in 3 months for it?

  7. You are currently with EMOS technologies. Tell us a bit about the company. Who founded it and what does it do?

  8. Why the name EMOS? The tag line is AI with heart. What do you mean by that?

  9. Is this facial expression recognizing system a piece of hardware or software?

  10. How fast is it?

  11. What is empathetic AI?

  12. Talk to us about potential uses of this system

  13. Give us an under the hood view of it. How does it work?

  14. What kind of a team is supporting it?

  15. Is it able to detect micro expressions? Can it be used in the airport to screen out suspicious looking passengers?

  16. When will it be ready?

  17. How do you think AI will evolve in the future?

  18. What do you think of the future of AI companies in HK? Comparing to US / China, what are some of the strengths / weaknesses of HK?

  19. How hard is it to find and attract talent for this in Hong Kong?

  20. What kind of advice would you have for budding entrepreneurs in today's tech world?

  21. Where can people learn more about you?

Anik Dey (Talking about Empathetic Artificial Intelligence and Emos.AI)
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