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System Analyst, Leading Bank


28 September 2023

Hong Kong

Our client a leading bank, is looking for a System Analyst. The selected candidate will work closely with stakeholders. Great exposure and opportunity.


  • Collaborate closely with stakeholders to gather and comprehend system requirements effectively.

  • To identify optimization opportunities, perform an in-depth analysis of existing systems, processes, and workflows.

  • Evaluate software packages meticulously to determine their suitability for organizational needs.

  • Drive the development and enhancement of banking applications, aligning them with industry standards.

  • Design and rigorously verify application software to ensure accuracy and reliability.

  • Adhere to departmental standards and guidelines throughout the development process.

  • Monitor and ensure adherence to predefined development schedules, actively engaging in programming when necessary to meet deadlines.

  • Provide support and actively participate in the unit, system integration testing (SIT), and user acceptance (UAT) testing.

  • Prepare meticulous technical documentation to facilitate seamless operations.

  • Facilitate system rollout and provide ongoing support.

  • Establish effective communication channels with vendors for reliable system maintenance and support.

  • Actively contribute to daily system support and maintenance activities.


  • Hold a Bachelor's degree or higher in Information Technology or a related field.

  • Demonstrate a minimum of 4 years of experience in the finance industry.

  • Showcase a track record of conducting meticulous system evaluations, gathering requirements, and designing effective solutions.

  • Exhibit expertise in Oracle, Linux shell scripting, and proficiency in working with Linux and Windows platforms.

  • Display exceptional analytical, problem-solving, and professional communication skills.

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